Bonesweeper (working title) is an in-development game about excavating fossils and building skeletons of prehistoric animals. You can play an early prototype version of the game on!

With the support of a small grant from Screen Tasmania, Bonesweeper is being developed into a full game with additional game modes and customiseable avatars.


Who is making this game?
Bonesweeper is being developed by Josh "Cheeseness" Bush, an independent game developer located at the bottom of the world on the island state of Tasmania, Australia.
Cheese is joined by UK based composer and recurring collaborator, Peter Silk.

What platforms will be supported?
Bonesweeper is targeting PC platforms (Linux, MacOS, and Windows).

What stores will it be available on?
Current plans are to ship Bonesweeper on and Steam.

When will it be released?
When it's ready! Current shedules anticipate the game being completed late 2022, but game development is uncertain and this may change a lot!

How will it change from the prototype?
The full game will have more species, new art and music, additional dig and build gameplay, a map phase, and a museum phase! Customiseable player avatars are also on the roadmap.
The Bonesweeper prototype is not representative of the full game's final experience.